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Welcome to the FanZoneWe have prepared this place especially for all the people who wants to present the fondness for FIFA Manager game and our service among the other Internet communities. In the FanZone you will find such graphic elements as avatars, userbars, signatures, PC desktop and mobile wallpapers. Thanks to all of these gadgets you will be able to create your own unique image in the net and you will also contribute to the development of FIFA Manager series and our Polish community.
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Share your ideas and publish your works in the FanZone thread on the forum, our editors will be choosing the best of works which will be afterwards published on the website. This way other community members will be able to use them.

> Publish your works on our forum.

FanZone folder

We warmly encourage you to familiarize yourself with all the works we have prepared for you. Obviously all the contents has been segregated with a division into categories.


Pictures for user’s profile used on the Internet services and forums.


Small graphics in the shape of elongated horizontally rectangle. It’s used as signature on the forums.


It’s a kind of signature used on the forums, placed most often at the end of each message posted by the user.

PC Desktop wallpapers

Pictures which can be used as your PC desktop background.

Mobile wallpapers

Pictures which can be used as a desktop background in your cellphone.

Avatars Userbars Signatures PC Desktop wallpapers Mobile wallpapers
Sergi Gomez
Santos Andre
Sanchez Alexis
Ortola Adrian
Moura Silva Lucas Rodrigues
Fan Zone! goalpl_240
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Ill wait for reviews - 11.8%
Probably not - 18.5%
Ill decide after testing the demo version - 35.4%

Total votes: 178
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